Lior Ansley Colclough is a PhD candidate at the University of Texas at Austin in  the Department of Rhetoric & Writing and Digital Literacy and Literatures concentration. Their research focuses on digital humanities, rhetoric of technology, critical algorithm studies, and rhetorical notions of ethics, hospitality, and responsibility.

Colclough’s dissertation looks at algorithms as non-human rhetorical agents in late-2010s political rhetoric. Drawing on Karen Barad’s idea of the agential cut, Jim Brown’s ethical programs, and Introna’s notion of algorithms as performative. Their goal is to develop a posthuman critical methodology that the field of rhetoric may use to unpack the ethics of decision making procedures enacted by humans and nonhumans alike. Specifically, much of their work engages the intersection of algorithm studies and the mobilization of white nationalism online. 

 This project builds loosely from their 2017 Master’s Report on the rhetorical construction of bots as “uncanny” political “agents” in the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. election cycle.

Colclough earned their bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and English with a minor in women’s studies at the University of Georgia in 2013.

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