S.A. Colclough

S.A. Colclough is a third year Rhetoric & Writing PhD student at the University of Texas at Austin in the Digital Literacies and Literatures concentration. Their areas of research are digital rhetoric, comparative media studies, and continental philosophy. Their scholarship focuses on rhetoric of the “nonhuman” in historical and contemporary discourse around the relationship between “technology” and “democracy” in the United States, with specific attention to the political, social dimension of the construction of specific technologies as cultural artifacts through allusions to virality, monstrosity, and the technological uncanny.

In 2016, Colclough joined the staff of the Digital Writing and Research Lab (DWRL) at UT Austin. During their tenure at the DWRL, they have contributed to the Data Visualization research team (2016-2017) and the Digital Archiving research team (spring 2016), in addition to producing various other content for the DWRL website.

Colclough earned their bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and English with a minor in gender studies at the University of Georgia in 2013.

Contact at colclough@utexas.edu




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